Just be calm

I do believe the Christmas spirit has entered the Miller household. My 3-year old woke up with hugs for everyone, was kind to his brother and cooperated like a little angel. My 1-year old danced his way through his breakfast and then walked around the kitchen with his new shoes on. Santa’s arrival is about a week away and everyone is on their best behavior. I’m even finding my husband more agreeable than normal. 

At work, my task list is lit up with green tasks. The green ones need my attention. Seems like our clients are hoping for their own Christmas miracles and wanting to wrap up projects that have been on hold and yes, we will do our best to accommodate. We always do. I tend to not panic as much as I used to. Perhaps its confidence and wisdom that comes with experience. I’m working on patience – that one comes and goes. I know the work will get done. The three banner stands due at the end of the week will go out the door Thursday. The graphic designs for the Shopping Tote will be added to the display illustration and numerous (at least 9) medical and corporate website designs will be created in HTML. Right now I’ve located some soothing Classical Christmas songs to keep me calm and as long as my computer cooperates, I see no problem with turning the green tasks black so that even more website design, brochure, logo and trade show graphics can fill it up in the New Year!