Just Me and the Birds

Today, my day started at 4am. My 6-month-old son woke up with a hungry belly and thankfully he settled back down after a warm bottle. Then, I had the choice of crawling back in bed to listen to my husband snore, and hopefully catch another hour of sleep, or scurry on down to my computer to put the finishing touches on a trade show graphic design, which needs to be completed today. I might also add that this particular project was requested just yesterday and, not wanting to disappoint a good client, we accepted and got right to work.

I decided to take advantage of a quiet house. I made some coffee and headed towards my computer to ease the stress of this looming deadline. At this hour of the morning, the birds around my house were singing as loud as they could. Either they were as hungry as my 6-month-old was this morning or just happy to start a new day knowing the sun is scheduled to shine all day.  So, while I listened to the birds chirping away, I finished up the trade show graphic design and sent it off for client review just in time for my 3-year-old to wake up complaining about a boogie in his nose.