Just One More

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we like to give our clients design choices to review and from those choices we (both client and designer) are able to develop the final design rather quickly. Website designs, brochure cover designs, and logo designs are all usually delivered to the client after 3 or 4 initial concepts are reviewed and then tweaked. Before we send our clients the preliminary design concepts to review, the graphic designers will send them to those staff members involved with the project for internal review.

As the key designer for a project, after about the 3rd design creativity starts to slow, ideas start to fade, and as the design problem begins to move forward to a solution, we are ready to move on to the next “problem”. Well, more often than not the request to do just one or two more designs comes through and immediate slouching of shoulders and uttering of sighs begins… for me at least. But, I know what will happen. After some time spent away from the project, stretching of legs and wrists, and hopefully some useful feedback for this “just one more” design, work begins.

And, while I haven’t been keeping record, I would bet money that the client, designer, and internal staff choose this “just one more” design. Why? While I have no proven answer, I would surmise that by the time you have worked through 3 or 4 designs you are ready to actually begin the final. Very similar to a musician tuning up before a performance or an athlete stretching before a big game. Artists are no different. Our creative mind needs to kick in, the left-side to right-side brain switch needs to occur, and we need to fall into the “zone”. Sometimes we nail the design on the first round, but I would again bet money that careful thought and planning have been going on for some time and that “careful thought and planning” is the warming up, the stretching our of creativity that moves the final design from a pile of elements to a final harmonized piece.