Keeping Things Fresh

I always fear that one day I’ll run out of ideas, that my creativity will be depleted and I’ll be left staring at a blank Photoshop document that’s just waiting for the next great design. But, somehow the ideas never run out, the designs always get finished and another client is pleased with our work. As a graphic designer, I am expected to keep things fresh, exciting and always on the cutting edge; we do that by continually looking for inspiration.

Our job doesn’t end at 6pm when we all go home and turn off our computers. We are compelled to look at everything printed with a different perspective. We are constantly critiquing everything we look at: TV commercials, newspapers ads, brochure designs at the doctor’s office, magazines, etc. Ideas are created by absorbing all those designs that we are drawn to and breaking them apart to see why they work and how they can work for us.  If we as designers become stale, then our designs become stale, and our work is stale.

Fortunately, at DDA we have a team of designers that keep things fresh, find inspiration from other website designs, direct mail pieces we receive, trade magazines, articles about current trends in design, and brainstorming amongst ourselves.  I feel it’s also important to not only look ahead at the next great movement in design, but to also look back at design legends such as William Morris, Paul Rand, and Saul Bass, to name a few, and study how their processes have brought on such overwhelming success and insight into the field of graphic design.