Know Your Audience

There is a billboard that gets under my skin every time I drive by it on my way to work. It says “What have you done for your marriage lately?” with a photo of a middle-aged woman looking up at the text with an inquisitive expression on her face. The only other artwork on the billboard is a small logo in the lower right-hand corner which is almost too small to read. While I think the message is great…. Us, married folks sometimes take each other for granted especially when some kids are thrown in the mix. But, what erks me is the photo of this woman. Out of all the photos in the entire world why was a white, middle-aged woman with a pondering expression chosen. I could think of hundreds of better photo possibilities. How about a man AND a woman? Aren’t there two people in a marriage? What about a man and a woman holding hands walking on the beach, or sitting on a park bench together, or climbing a mountain together, which would show trust and togetherness? Anyway, I digress.

My point being: know your audience. If your audience is married people then please don’t single out the ladies. Select married men driving down the road may completely disregard the billboard’s message since they aren’t included in the photo. How will they relate to a woman pondering about her marriage? Furthermore, after I read said message what do I do now? All you left me with is a question with no answer and no solution. The logo is small and jammed in the corner and illegible from my car. Skilled graphic designers, as you will find at DDA, will know their audience, choose a photo, group of photos, or illustration that best tells the story and then from that point provide a solution or call to action. DDA’s brochure designs, website designs, trade show graphics and medical and corporate print material speak for themselves. We seek out our audience and represent them, speak to them and give them the power to make intelligent, informed decisions.