Last Days

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I quite dislike the first days of anything. The last days of anything are just as bad and are doubly annoying because the last day of something is also the first thing of something else… it’s a rough two days. I much prefer the middle of things. Anyway, it is Thursday, the last day of DDA’s workweek, which makes tomorrow the first day of our weekend. So, today I will be busy finishing up designs that I’ve been working on during the week, namely a logo design for a new client, website buildout design, and basically responding to emails and clearing out my task list as best I can before the first day of the weekend. Sounds lovely, however, the first day of the weekend is jam-packed with all the things that didn’t get done during the week such as laundry, cleaning, etc. The second day of the weekend is much better as most of the craziness has subsided. The last days of anything are also sort of sad. I really dislike goodbyes. The last day of school always made me anxious. The last day of a vacation is just lousy, esp. knowing that after your last day a first day is so close.

So, here I am about an hour and half away from the start of my weekend and am hoping to send out a batch of logo designs for client review. Next week, I will be starting on a website design for a Urology Institute. Next week, September is almost half over and DDA is moving into it’s busy season full of possible projects such as interactive websites, live video webcasts, corporate and medical brochures and collateral material, trade show graphics and more! The first day of Fall is near which means the last day of summer. sigh. My son’s soccer team will enjoy their last game in a few weeks… but, I suppose that is life… lots of firsts and lasts! I will do my best to make peace with them.