Like Riding a Bike

Last week, my husband and I left our two wonderful little boys with my mom and dad for a “vacation at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s”. Our car tires squealed away (well, as much as you can squeal in my husband’s 4-door Honda) as we took off for Cape May. We haven’t had time away from the boys since our youngest was born almost 11-months ago and we were far overdue. We had a wonderful time, filled with shopping, good food and drinks, laziness, and strolls and the beach. Thankfully, we still like being around one another. With two young kids around, it is sometimes hard to spend time together like that… but, like riding a bike we didn’t forget. Whew! On Saturday we returned and went right back to work… lunches had to be served, bedtime rituals adhered to, boo-boos to kiss, Why’s to be answered and wrestling matches to break up. And again, just like riding a bike we fell into step and did what needed to be done at the same time “homesick” for our vacation. Today is Monday, back to work and yes, I’ll say it again, like riding a bike I got on and answered emails, tweaked some website designs, updated a few website html pages and reviewed other print design projects. As lead graphic designer at a busy advertising agency I have a lot of responsibilities and looks like another busy week is already underway!