Markings, Symbols, and Logos

It didn’t take long at all for my 3-year old to recognize and identify the McDonald’s logo, even when it’s miles away and hidden behind a tree. Nor, did it take long for him to locate Sunoco Gas Stations (where Granddad works), Stop Signs, Traffic Lights, or the little Box Tops for Education “stamps” located on various grocery items we cut out and save for my nephew. It has become his ”job” to find them on every single box, bag, or package that is brought into the house and the glee on his face when he finds one is just darling.

I, myself, must say that a bit of glee fills my heart when I’m driving to work half asleep and find the Starbucks logo repeat itself every 3 blocks. So, what’s the deal? Why do we feel so great and at ease when we locate and find certain recognizable symbols? While not everyone will feel the same way about every business and their “mark” (making themselves – the business – recognizable by means of a successful logo) being able to build and strengthen a company’s reputation and instill customer confidence.  And, I am the poster child for this phenomena.

I tend to stick to the brands that I recognize and trust, especially grocery shopping with two kids. I don’t have time to comparison shop, although I probably should, so I bravely go, coupons in hand, and grab all the recognizable products I can find so I can get home before our tummies get hungry again.  Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) understands the importance of a successful logo. Logo design is one of the many valued services we offer our clients and is usually the first service used since it’s the foundation of all other collateral material.