More of the Same

My Aunt Joan is a minister of a church in a neighboring town and asked me to fill-in for their pianist who was on vacation. While I am not an exceptionally talented piano player, I can really rock the church hymns. My Pop, who lives in the apartment building with my Gram next to our house is a member of this church and since he does not drive anymore, he hitched a ride with me. He is 84 years old, as healthy as a teenager, but suffers from dementia. I picked him up at 9:30am just as I told him I would the night before (since church starts at 10am) and the entire way there he reminded me that “we were late, but that’s alright”. I explained that church starts at 10am and we’ll get there right on time. We had this same conversation about 10 more times on the trip there along with the repeating conversation of the bug bite he got while waiting for me. 

I sometimes feel my blog suffers from a bit of dementia. Everyday I try to start off with something witty and tie it in with DDA’s advertising services and award-winning projects. So, today’s no different. Not sure how witty I was today, but I’m sure going to talk about DDA (Dynamic Digital Advertising) and our extreme capabilities and talented staff of animation artists, digital photographers, programmers, creative copywriters, search engine optimization specialists and talented graphic designers. Did I mention we have every digital advertising service available and can deliver on-time? If not, don’t worry I’ll mention it again tomorrow!