Morning: Impossible

Normally I like to wake up around 5am so I can eat breakfast, drink my coffee, get a bit of graphic design work done before the boys wake up for the day. It just didn’t happen today. I woke up at 6:30 am and rushed downstairs so I could eat, caffeinate myself and prepare for the DDA workload ahead of me today. Thankfully I was able to get a good hour’s work of website design updates, DDA Coffee changes (coming soon!) and emails answered before I heard the first “MOM!” of the day. And then it all started. My youngest has been attacked by some nasty virus that has been making him poo every 10 minutes which is rather unpleasant (for everyone involved) and probably too much information for you all but it just had to be mentioned. So, once he woke up into the tub he went to clean him up and soak his poor little red hiney. Then, my oldest woke up with enough energy to light up NYC and decided to play with every single toy he could find (which was neatly put away the night before). So, after my youngest was pulled from the tub he decided to leave a deposit on the rug, again. So, while my husband cleaned that up I quickly diapered the poor little red hiney (there’s no other way to describe it) and at 8:00am we went downstairs for breakfast. Somehow, the kids got dressed, fed and out the door to Grandma’s by 9am and no tears were shed. 

So, now my DDA day begins. First on my list are website menu updates for a number of medical website designs we are putting together for a medical manufacturing company. Then, I will focus on graphics for two umbrella displays and hopefully today, but most likely tomorrow I’ll spend some time on 3 banner stand designs for a company that creates packaging for vegetables and fruit. I’m surprised to see so much work coming in considering the economic climate but am ever so thankful I am busy. DDA’s full range of advertising services, done in-house, allow us to stay busy, and deliver high-end projects such as trade show graphics, display graphics and medical and corporate website designs to our clients! Seems impossible, but not for our talented staff of professionals!