moving forward

I couldn’t tell you where I was 7 years ago yesterday at this time, but I sure can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing 7 years ago today. September 11, 2001 - I was teaching a Microsoft Office class at a post-secondary school to about a dozen students until the school Director came to each room and one by one he dismissed each class with a somber explanation of what had just happened to our country. We didn’t have all the facts yet and some students quickly left, others stuck around in shock and during those days that followed it was terribly difficult to keep a class of 20 aspiring graphic designers focused on projects and design theory. I found myself in a position that required more from me than I ever imagined, and each morning my class shuffled in and quietly sat at their desks and when it got quiet, they looked to me to focus them, encourage them and act as a sounding board for all their worries and concerns. While I was just as worried and concerned about the days ahead, I encouraged them all to do the best they could to refocus and plough forward. And that’s just what we did, in my classroom and around the world. While we will never forget what happened or where we were on that tragic day, we will certainly not let it stop us from moving forward in a productive, positive direction.