My 15 minute post in 4 minutes

Taking 15 minutes a day to write a post with keyword-rich content isn’t easy. In fact, I have only 4 minutes left to finish my 15 minute post since I spent the first 11 minutes thinking about what to write today, and then my browser suddenly closed on me and I lost a paragraph worth of prose that may have been the best thing I ever wrote… I’ll never know.  Anyway, what’s hanging out in my task list today you ask? Print Brochures? Logo Designs? Website Designs? Yes, yes and yes, and then some. Hopefully, this afternoon I can make good progress on a few preliminary website designs for a parking garage company. For the last month or so, I have been tweaking and updating many websites, trifold brochures and poster designs, so I’m rather excited to start on something brand new.  So,  I’m going to do just that cause my 15 minutes is up!