My Head Needs a Vacation

My brain seems to be in overdrive this week. Lots going on at DDA and at home.

The poster designs for the DDA office are well underway and I’m really happy with how they are turning out. Three of them are 95% complete (DDA Corporate, DDA Medical, and DDA Video) and four more are on their way (DDA CMT – Corporate and Medical Training, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Programming). The designs are all in my head… just need to find the time to get them out.

Additionally, there are a handful of other projects that need attention. An interactive flash tool is very close to being approved so we can begin build-out, along with a kitchen cabinet website that is also very near ready for buildout. I must begin designs for a novelty products package tomorrow, and I got a sneak peek at the DDA Sketchbook designs. I’m really excited to implement that.

I also believe DDA Carnival is near completion and site-wide updates will be needed after its launch.

Meanwhile on the homefront, we start swimming lessons this morning for my 3-year-old and my sleep last night was interrupted by yesterday’s events. As I was pushing my 7-month old in his stroller with my 3-year old walking alongside me on our way home from the sitter’s around lunchtime, the neighbor’s unleashed pitbull decided to run laps around us, which completely frightened both boys and myself.

After screams for someone to get the dog, no one came and luckily a car came down the nearby driveway and the dog ran back to the house.

So, now I’m on a mission… that dog will be on a leash the next time I see it. It’s not because it’s a pitbull… it could’ve been a gerbil for all I care. The owner of that dog put me and my boys in a very vulnerable situation. I do like dogs, however I didn’t grow up with dogs and I don’t know what can trigger them to attack someone. And I don’t want to find out.

So, now that I’ve vented about my mental goings-on, I must get back to work to clear up my checklist of DDA to-dos.