My New Best Friend

Over the long weekend I took time for picnics, fireworks, yardwork, and wiffle ball. I also took the opportunity to scrub my bathrooms, and after trying different cleaning products to bring back the original shine of the tub and tiles, I decided to give one more product a try… Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Out of the package there isn’t much to it… it’s kind of like a sponge but with an odd texture. So, I read the instructions… got it wet and went to work and just as the packaging promised, the tub and shower tiles were shining and clean (without much effort, I might add) in about 10 minutes! The “eraser” eventually just fell apart from all my scrubbing, but as indicated by the packaging, that was to be expected. I was so pleased that I finally found a product that performed as promised. The Magic Eraser is indeed Magic! 

So, as I was scrubbing my tub at 8:30am Saturday morning, I thought that there aren’t too many things in this world that are as magical as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser… except of course DDA’s Magic Layers found on select pages of our website. Have you seen them? Just rollover the Magic Layers™ icon on most services pages and yes, magically, a layer packed full with more information appears. Magic Layers™ are a DDA-developed technology that provides our clients and website visitors with easy access to up-to-date information on the most recent statistics, ideas, and controversies occurring in digital advertising. And, in the next few weeks, we will be adding more Magic Layers™ information on ALL pages of our expanding website…  stay tuned!