Name that Font

Last night, my husband, our 10-month old and I were at the mall and while I was browsing through some baby overalls I heard “Hi, Carrie!” I looked over and there was a girl a bit younger than me pushing a stroller. I knew I recognized her and remembered  hearing her voice before, but it took me a good minute to remember her name. It seemed like an eternity because I knew I should have remembered it sooner. She was a previous student of mine, one of my star pupils, when I taught graphic design classes to a group of students pursuing their associates degree in graphic design. I’m not very good with putting a name to a face, especially if it’s years since I’ve seen someone.

Fonts are almost the same way. I see different fonts all the time and normally I can take a look and name the font, but I must admit I’m a bit out of practice in that exercise as well. So, not wanting to find myself looking at a nameless font, I grabbed a copy of the Adobe Type Library Reference Book and while enjoying the Olympics these next few days, I will at the same time be reviewing my font friends (while my 3-year old does somersaults off the couch) so I don’t forget their names the next time they pop up when I least expect it.