New vs. Old

Last week, while I was on vacation my husband and I made a trip to IKEA in Conshohocken (our old stomping grounds) and we picked up a few things including a new set of brightly colored plastic cups, dishes and bowls for the kids. We have one set already but they are starting to show their wear and because they are so inexpensive I thought why not? So, my 3 1/2 year old is not only excited about the new dishes, he is obsessed with them. This morning at breakfast he would only use the new ones and I asked him “What should we do with the old ones?” “Throw them out!” he said. Not the answer I was looking for. I asked him if he would throw me away if I got old. So, he almost started to say yes and then stopped, looked at me, and said, “Well, you’re not going to get old.” I said, “Right!” It was a touching moment. DDA’s not in the habit of throwing things out either. Our project archives go waaaaaay back. In fact, a few projects are saved on Syquest drives (remember those old dinosaurs). Each completed brochure, post card, trade show graphic, website, logo design, etc. are backed up and added to our log book and archives so that when our clients need them again they are readily available for reprints or redesigns.