One More Poster

Six years ago when I started working at DDA, and almost quit three days later because David made me cry (yes, the truth is out) we were small, but mighty. We had the mentality of (and still do) “give us lemons and we’ll make lemonade”.  We had no staff of writers, which we now do and I am ever grateful. Copywriting is not easy, but they sure do make it look that way. I mean, how in the world do I add keyword-rich content to my posts every day… words like print ad design, search engine optimization firm, or graphic design company.

So, because we value our copywriters and their flair for creative copywriting, DDA has decided to create just one more in-house poster dedicated to our beloved copywriters. Now the challenge begins… design one more poster for our staff of writers that will give visiting clients a taste of the magic that takes place in their 2nd floor office space. So far each of the 7 posters that are completed have been designed with a color scheme specific to that poster. Graphic design is orange, Web Development is green, DDA Corp is teal, DDA Medical is medical blue, DDA Video is gold, Programming is dark blue and DDA CMT is a lovely shade of purple. I’m hoping to begin the design tomorrow and so far all that comes to mind is white. White and black and maybe a splash of red. I’m envisioning lots of words, quotes, papers, and keyboards. The poster should be visually vibrate since every time I am amongst the writers all I can hear is the sound of their fingers typing away. That’s my challenge for the week.