One Step Further

Before we moved into our new space, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) purchased 7 wooden easel stands to place in different locals around our office to enhance a client’s visit and provide some visual eye candy for our 20+ employees. The graphic design department was asked to create a set of 7 posters, one for each department – DDA Corp, DDA Video, DDA CMT (Corporate and Medical Training), DDA Medical, Graphic Design, Website Development, and Programming. It’s an exciting project and one that I hope to begin today; roughing out some preliminary concepts and conceptualizing on how they will all work together as a unit and then taking them “one step further.” This “one step further” idea is and has been a key philosophy at DDA. 

You ask for a poster design and we may deliver a poster design along with a corporate video for use on your website. You ask for a logo design and we’ll prepare 10 logos that can make choosing one quite difficult. You ask for a website and we may deliver an interactive, search engine optimized, expertly written and designed website experience.  So, as we begin the designs for this set of 7 posters I do know that they won’t be just posters. They will become a website, a video, an animation, and an entire new DDA Experience.