Perfect Storm of Digital Advertising Services

As hard as I try to get to work by 8am on Mondays, it never seems to materialize. My alarm clock was set last night for 4:45am, but somehow I never heard it until 5:21am. Then, there was a car accident as I approached the turnpike and as I approached my exit I took the wrong one and had to make a u-turn to get back on track. I really need to stop zoning out while I’m driving. It was the perfect storm to make me 10 minutes late today. 

Now that I’m settled in with coffee in hand, I browsed through my task list for today and realized I have on my schedule for today the perfect storm of digital advertising services. Let’s say you are starting a new company or perhaps you are an established business and would like to re-brand your image. Then, let’s say you found DDA by googling “digital advertising services” and you see DDA’s at the top of the list! Impressed by our website design you browse through our list of services and see that not only can we begin working on your new logo design (which is where we would recommend you start if you are looking for a new corporate identity), we can also start work on your new website, prepare your business cards, letterhead and all your other necessary marketing material. Does your company travel to many trade shows? Not a problem. We design and produce trade show displays as well. Did I mention that we will not only design and develop a new website for you, but we have many website management, measurement and improvement services that will optimize your site so that it can be seen by all the major search engines. Looking for video production services so that you can offer videos on your site or perhaps you need a Training CD-ROM or DVD? Check out DDA Video to take a look at all our video services. To mention them all here would make my head hurt. For training tools, check out DDA CMT (Corporate & Medical Training). I could go on and on but I think you get the point. DDA serves up the perfect storm of advertising services and you will never have to go anywhere else for any of your advertising material. It’s that simple.