Photoshop, yay!

While I was studying illustration at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) in Rochester, NY from 93-97, I was introduced to a fun little program called Adobe Photoshop. Our professor from my 3D Design class asked us to find a photo of a landscape that we were instructed to scan, add to a new Photoshop document, and then carefully place our 3D rendered toys we were designing onto this landscape. Looking back I can’t remember the steps I took to complete the project and I remember spending hours in the computer lab saving the file onto numerous Syquest drives that held about 20mb of information, 40mb if you had some good money! Oh, and don’t shake those suckers they’ll self-destruct.

Anyway, Photoshop, along with the fleet of Adobe software programs have all come a long way… as have my skills. During my college days, Photoshop didn’t support layers, text had to be prepared in a separate window and then was immediately flattened onto your document. There was no such thing as masks, adjustment layers… oh, I could go on. Now Photoshop supports vector art from Adobe Illustrator called Smart Objects that can be resized as many times as you wish while still maintaining the clarity of the original. Another great Photoshop feature is Layer Comps. I can now, within the same document, create numerous comps of website designs, brochures and trade show graphic designs within the same document! What a time saver. I can even take these layer comps and export a multi-page PDF. Did I mention Photoshop is quite friendly with all of the other Adobe projects like InDesign and Dreamweaver. I can edit a web image from Dreamweaver or update a graphic right in InDesign!

I love you Photoshop!