Priceless Technology

Last week, I was in a DDA staff meeting and somehow Elizabeth happened to mention that she couldn’t understand why everyone takes so many pictures of everything and what do people do with all these pictures? David quickly added “because they’re free”. Advancements in digital photography, home computers, photo sharing sites and social networking platforms like Facebook and MySpace have allowed people to photograph everything and anything as many times as they want and share with friends and family immediately and once all the necessary equipment to do so has been purchased (such as a camera phone and computer) these images are free and easily editable.

Enter DDA’s webcasting services. While our services are obviously not free (an exceptional value and competitively priced!), the convenience of holding a live webcast for your audience eliminates the cost of travel, hotel fees, food, and time away from family and work. Groups of people from anywhere can collectively login to your live video webcast for training, complementary information and so much more – free to your audience who can ask questions and review the webcast again after it is archived on your company’s website. Priceless technology.