Problem Solvers

DDA’s homepage is currently being updated. The DDA Carnival is almost complete and ready to launch, and we will be adding it as a graphic link to the entire DDA Corporate website, including DDA Medical and DDA Video. The problem: DDA’s homepage is packed with links, graphics and moving 2d animation elements. When the time comes to add more features because of DDA’s growing services and capabilities, we are forced to address a problem; how do we fit more onto the home page and interior pages of the website design while at the same time keeping the design clean and user-friendly?

Graphic deisgners are inherently problem solvers. Clients contact us for marketing materials, such as training videos, direct mail advertising, web design, brochures, etc. and ask us to design and deliver these pieces to them as efficiently and expertly as we can and we do, all the time. After we collect all the information we need, we begin the project by defining the problem at hand. Since DDA has one-stop advertising services (graphic design, video production, copywriting, digital photography and programing), these “problems” almost solve themselves.

So, I will be spending part of the morning, along with a few other coworkers, solving the problem of adding elements to the DDA homepage – keeping it as visually appealing and exciting as it is now. Stay tuned for the updated homepage with new links for the DDA Carnival and the new DDA CMT (Corporote and Medical Training) division.