Problems Needing Solutions

There are two issues plaguing me today. First, My 20-month old refuses to eat anything but bananas, strawberries, yogurt and peanut butter… oh, and candy and ice cream but that should be expected. While I am pleased that the choices are healthy ones, I am trying to get creative as to how I offer said food items. The banana/strawberry/yogurt smoothie is quite popular and a great crowd pleaser but will he ever tire of them? Peanut butter is good source of protein, however my 4-yr old is allergic to peanuts so the consumption of peanuts needs to be supervised! ugh….

The other issue plaguing me today is not so much an issue, but more like a challenge or perhaps in even better phrased as a graphic design problem needing a solution. DDA’s interactive services need some attention. We have been offering interactive services for quite some time, but now more than ever we want our clients to understand how those services can be incorporated into their advertising solutions and what better way than by providing examples of interactive games, interactive video and interactive websites. How these will be presented has yet to be decided but stay tuned! I am sure a solution will present itself shortly!