I’ve been procrastinating lately and it’s a really bad habit I’ve suddenly formed. I didn’t blog all last week because I kept pushing it off further and further until it was too late and I had nothing intelligent to say. Over the weekend great plane ticket prices were right under my nose to New Mexico for a wedding my husband and I are going to and we both procrastinated and now we’ve missed the great deal. Over the weekend my oldest turned 4 and the gift I purchased for him sat in the closet for 2 weeks. We finally wrapped it the night before his party and since we procrastinated and didn’t test it a few days before we couldn’t get it to work after he opened it which was a huge disappointment for him (and me).

So, I am going to start the work week off right. I was up bright and early at my computer today. 5:30 am (ouch!). I’m taking care of task list projects expeditiously, responding to project time estimate requests for logo, envelope, letterhead and business card designs promptly and focusing my efforts this morning on finishing the medical website designs we are developing for a very important new client.

Now that my post is complete for today I can cross it off my list and stop procrastinating!