Projects that Stick

Well, finally the rain came yesterday around 6pm in my neck of the woods and it was like we never saw the rain before. My husband and I along with our boys sat on the front porch and watched it pour… I think I even saw the grass turning green and heard the flowers saying, “Thank You!” My 8-month old was in a trance watching the rain and listening to the distant thunder, my 3-year old was busy wrapping a plastic chair with electrical tape, and my husband was sneaking pieces of dark chocolate when he thought no one was looking (I can smell chocolate 10 miles away). It was a great slice of summertime that I’ll probably always remember (and yes, I know it’s not actually summer just yet).

There are some design projects that I’ve worked on at DDA during my almost 6 years that I probably will never forget. A few that stand out are the design and navigation face-lift we gave the DDA site a few years ago. It was a huge undertaking and thankfully our site has stood the test of time and is continually being updated… this very minute in fact. Other projects include a printed invitation to a Client Appreciation Party held in Las Vegas. A Vegas theme was chosen and a set of 5 playing cards were used as the main design element to organize all the events and accommodations information. I will never forget the numerous digital photography shoots I was a part of nor the logo design projects that ultimately show themselves on brochures and even in the window of a restaurant just down the street from DDA’s new office. I’m sure there will be many more graphic design projects and rain storms to come and I’m looking forward to those that stay with me for many years.