Pulling myself away from Designer and into the Target Audience

My husband and I built our home 3 1/2 years ago and moved in when our first child was 2 months old. While the house was going up and my then pregnant belly was also growing, which meant my hormones where also going nuts, we had to make oh, about 5 million decisions. What type of faucets for the bathrooms? What colors will we paint the walls? Where would the furniture go? What kind of kitchen cabinets? Kitchen floor? Countertops? Carpeting or Hardware? I never made so many decisions in my life and I think my husband and I argued about each one of them, and we’re still married! When it came time to decide on the kitchen, thankfully my husband let me “do my thing” since he has no desire to cook any thing.  

Currently, we are creating a really lovely looking website for a kitchen cabinet company and we are in the throws of buildout (creating each page of the site). It’s been great fun collecting all the images, preparing them for web use and putting all the elements together. Today, I looked at the site not as a graphic designer but as a homeowner looking for kitchen cabinets. Now that the site is in HTML and links are clickable and pages are navigatable I am finding areas that need improvement and photos that need more descriptions. I’m looking forward to launching this site and hoping that our target audience finds it as easy to navigate and as pretty as the cabinets they are selling.