Putting a Face to a Voice

Now, more than ever, it is a rarity that we actually meet our clients face to face. There are a handful of clients I have never even spoken to for the last year or two. It isn’t, however, for the lack of trying or because I spend 3 days of the week working from my home office. We have used a web camera to broadcast my face and voice to all those here at the DDA Office, however, it seemed to slow down the Internet speed in-house and at my house. So, we use it when clients do come to the office since we feel it’s important for them to know I actually do exist. We have also set up a camera in our main conference room that, when both parties are connected to the Internet and to our online meeting site, they can not only see our computer screen, but also see all of us sitting around the conference table. Because of our full range of advertising services, from copywriting to print design and search engine marketing to video editing and Flash programming, we have clients from around the country and emails and teleconferences have kept projects running smoothly and efficiently.

So, it just so happened that this morning I heard a very familiar voice just outside my DDA office and knew immediately that it was one of our long-time clients we are currently working together with to complete an interactive Flash website tool. They are here to oversee the video taping we will be doing today of one of the actor’s they have chosen in the DDA Actor’s Network, which is one of the unique services we offer as part of our Video Production Services. I eagerly introduced myself and felt pleased and complete that I could finally put a face to the voice.