Quick to Criticize

I’ll admit it, I am often quick to criticize something. Perhaps it’s because since my freshman year in college I’ve participated in formal and semi- formal critiques of other’s work. I suppose this ritual has permeated into my entire life and everyday I’m finding myself critiquing everything from my husband’s t-shirts to last night’s dinner (that I made). Critiquing my own work or someone else’s does not mean that I’m finding fault, critiquing is merely a matter of examining and judging something constructively. Constructive criticism is always appreciated here at DDA. Quite often I’m asked to take a look at a brochure cover design or billboard design that one of our other graphic designers are working on and sometimes the animation department needs a fresh set of eyes to critique their newest animation or video project. 

Our client’s are also valuable sources of criticism. Their feedback, mostly in the form of positive testimonials, is very important to us and knowing that the work we are doing on a daily basis is appreciated is a wonderful feeling. If you have a moment, take a glance at all the unsolicited comments we have received from our clients. We believe it is important to involve our clients in our design process and we look for their criticism and feedback as we reach project milestones. Website designslogo designs, and multimedia projects involve much effort on our part and to ensure our clients are delivered a project they are happy with is a top priority at DDA.