Reminiscing a design

The day has finally come. My baby’s crib has been disassembled and packed away in the attic. sigh…. My baby is growing into a real boy and has learned how to launch himself out of his crib and after that acrobatic dismount, he usually hightails it into his brother’s room to see what other chaos they can both stir up. Well, this morning his sweet little foot got stuck in the crib while trying to complete his cartwheel out of the crib and immediately my husband showed up with a screwdriver and ratchet to dismantle the crib. Operation “Move our almost 2-year old into a big boy bed” was in full swing.  sigh… As I am 99.99% sure that our family is complete, I know this is the last time I will see a crib upstairs. As I am feeling a little sad while reminiscing the first time he slept through the night or the first time he pulled himself up in his crib, I know it will be far sadder to see his sweet little foot broken. As much as I try you just can’t stop them from growing up!

Strangely I feel the same way about many of my graphic design projects I work on daily at DDA. Just this week a business card, envelope, letterhead, and a 4-page brochure design moved on to bigger and better opportunities. Prior to me sending them off for printing I began with a blank document, added text, photos, technical illustrations, logos, colors and worked carefully and efficiently to create a finished piece approved by our clients. When a project is complete it is sometimes a little bittersweet seeing it upload to production. Sometimes that is the last I see it, sometimes projects come back to me finished, proud and ready to work.

So, today is the day for reminiscing. My son’s crib, a Filter Dryers brochure and Pain Management logo, envelope, business card and letterhead. Good times. Now, onto another project that will begin with a blank document ready for me to give it life. Perhaps it will grow up to be an interactive game interface, or a medical CME design, or even a medical website design… oh, the possibilities!