Resist the Urge

My husband and I have been working on a race car costume made out of foam board for our 3 1/2 year old. It’s pretty much complete equipped with working headlights, wheels that spin, reflectors and straps so he can wear it on his shoulders. I realized that I would need a race car jumpsuit for him to wear and found one last night at a Halloween Superstore. Was perfect… a bit big but it will do and it came with a fancy plastic helmet that had flame decals. I say had because while I wasn’t watching he ripped them right off. They were the best part! This isn’t the first case of his urge to rip decals off of his toys. Jessica, our search engine optimization specialist, so kindly gave us a football toybox. The Little Tikes decal was ripped off minutes after I brought it into the house. There is a Black & Decker decal stuck on my VW Beetle’s dashboard that my son ripped off of his play hammer. I could go on. We all try to Resist the Urge and sometimes we are successful and sometimes fail miserably. Right now I’m resisting the urge to run into the kitchen to grab another Fun Size (or is it miniature size) Snickers Bar. 

As a full-service advertising agency, DDA (Dynamic Digital Advertising) resists many urges. We never use templates for any of our designs. Each design is a custom design based on initial client-designer meetings and client feedback drives our progress. Just recently we launched Green DDA due to our daily green efforts – again resisting the urge to not recycle or waste paper and electricity. And right now I really want to begin work on DDA’s online Thanksgiving “card” but must resist that urge to work on a high priority newsletter layout for one of our very best clients.