Shh! A Busy Day Awaits

Saturday night, one of our neighbors was having a party – a loud one. I know this because when I laid down to go to sleep at about 1am (which is an unusually late bedtime for me – 10:30 is when I normally wave the white flag and pass out on my pillow), all I heard was loud thumping of bad music. I thought well, it is Saturday night and hopefully they are having good time. So, when I decided to go to bed the next night (Sunday) and again heard the loud music blaring through the trees I thought well, this is just ridiculous. It was 11pm on a Sunday night and thoughts of waking up at 4:40am made my head spin. So, I threw up the window and was all set to scream out at them and then chickened out. Downstairs I went to look up their phone number and before I even knew what I would say, I was dialing their number. Someone answered and I said as I nice as I could possibly muster that I thought it was awesome that they were having such a great time the night before and again tonight, but did they realize it was 11pm on a Sunday night and people may have to get up early for work the next day. Thankfully they were happy partyers and apologized and agreed to take it down a notch and five minutes later, I fell asleep to the sound of crickets.

Monday morning is now here. I survived my bleary-eyed, 2-hour commute to work feeling a little guilty for shutting down my neighbor’s party… but, a mom with 2 active boys needs her sleep. Another jam-packed day for this Graphic Designer at DDA’s busy advertising agency is unfolding. Logo Designs for a medical pain practice, updates to our newly redesigned medical division, DDA Medical, and design tests for another website all need my attention. Meanwhile, in offices and conference rooms not far from mine are marketing professionals, programmers, videographers, search engine optimization specialists, photographers, writers and animators equally busy with Internet webcasting, streaming video and continuing medical education design and development.