Show and Tell

I like to talk about my kids. They are such a huge part of my life that I can’t help but think about them first when I write in DDA’s daily blog. So, this morning my oldest who is almost 4 (AH!) was off to the sitter’s (where he goes twice a week) and he decided he needed to take something with him. I talked him out of taking his ride-on bulldozer which would be quite cumbersome to carry and he chose a Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD. The other kids at the sitter’s house all bring their book bag filled with toys, blankeys and a change of clothes (most of them are there all day) so when they all get together they show off their stuff and play with (or fight over) their collection of toys. A sort of daily Show and Tell! I got to thinking as my tea was getting hot in the microwave that we haven’t really grown out of that stage of our lives have we? Our toys have just gotten bigger, more expensive and hopefully we don’t fight over them anymore.

DDA is much like a giant Show and Tell and in fact you can say that we are the epitome of Show and Tell! Take our website for example, specifically our portfolio with pages of corporate and medical advertising projects (Show) along with pages and pages of content describing our in-house digital advertising services (Tell). Perhaps you need a little Show and Tell of your own in the form of search engine optimized website or full color corporate brochure? Well, why not give us a call and let us Show and Tell you what our talented staff of animators, programmers, graphic designers and copywriters can develop for your company.