Simple is difficult (but not for DDA!)

The most recent project that arrived on my task list this week is a rather “simple” website design for a company offering over 2,500 symbol pictures on a USB flash drive. These pictures can then be used to accompany text to help those with developmental or learning disabilities understand information. The client requested a simple design. One that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and accessible to all. For as far back as I can remember, I have been combining words and pictures to make information/text easier to understand. Graphic elements and how they are placed in relation to words is basically my daily focus and each vehicle that holds words and graphics needs individual consideration. Our newest client’s product takes combining words and pictures to a new level to help those who have difficulty understanding words. I always knew graphic design was an important industry and an absolute necessity for any company or business looking to compete in today’s world. Now, I am even more convinced! So, as I begin to work on a third website design concept, I am finding that keeping design simple, uncluttered, and easy-to-navigate needs much more thought and planning. Every element within the design is important and needs to serve a purpose. Font choice, colors, graphics and composition is more important than ever, and how those element work together to make the design look like it was pulled together effortlessly is…. well, simply put, a challenge that DDA welcomes and will deliver!