SMART Websites

Today is Thursday, which means I made my weekly trip to the DDA office, located in Bucks County, PA. My normal commute of 2 hours took a little over 2 1/2 hours today due to some road work on a busy stretch of road. Why they need to do road work at the same time hundreds of people need to get to work is beyond me. I even left the house early today to get a jump on the day, which means my alarm went off at 4:45am! 

Lots to do today and I’m thankful for the quiet confines of my office, so that I can finish up two more dynamic newsletter designs for one of our long-time clients. Plus, I have numerous websites to update, build-out and design today to keep me busy. I’m quite lucky to be working at a website design company in Philadelphia that offers so many varied services to those looking for a website that is perfectly customized for their exact needs. Our programming, animation, video, graphic design and copywritingdepartments not only have the necessary skills, but have a vested interest in delivering a high-end website that is search engine optimized. Like me, our clients want more from their deliverables. We all want more out of everything these days. Appliances need to multi-task, lamps need to be SMART and god for bid if a toy doesn’t teach your child the alphabet while at the same time helping him with his fine motor skills. I guess you can say that DDA’s websites are SMART. They can multitask – bring you new business, provide another level of customer support and train your staff – all at the same time! Website design in Philadelphia is a SMART choice!