Smarter Than You Thought

This morning, I took my boys to their 4th swim lesson of the season and I am quite proud of them both. My 4-year old happily goes with his class and participates in all their activities. My youngest who is now 19 months old clings to me like a little monkey (can’t say I mind though) and smiles when the instructor comes by to take him for a little tour around the pool. Today, my oldest swam to the deep end with his class to jump off of the diving board. They all got out and lined up behind the diving board, ready to jump into the arms of their instructor. I watched with pride as he got right in line without hesitation (remembering he would go nowhere near the thing last year) and then I saw him allow all the girls to go in front of him. At first I thought, well, what a gentleman I am raising, and then I determined that he is much smarter than I thought and was stalling so he wouldn’t have to go with the first group of jumpers.

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