Snowball Effect

Seems like most of my days, weeks even, are being spent dealing with this phenomena. In fact, without it I would probably be out of a job. Take DDA’s (Dynamic Digital Advertising) recent website additions, DDA SEM (Search Engine Marketing) DDA Apps (Online Applications On Time, On Budget) and DDA USA (USA Marketing for Foreign Firms). All brought about because of an unsolicited award we were given, among other factors. The new divisions required new in-house posters which are, again, almost finished. Once the new sites were up, the new division logos needed to be placed on the other DDA Divisions, DDA Medical and DDA Video and a new DDA corporate page needed to be prepared, not to mention updating the always changing blue information panel on our website. Last week was a blur of website updating and troubleshooting and proofreading and html buildout, with each action affecting another and another until it all ultimately comes to a stop and settles, which is where I think our snowball is at the moment, since I have been able to get caught up with all those small to-dos that were patiently waiting for me this morning which will probably cause another snowball to take off!