Solutions – Not Bandaids

Over the weekend, my husband and dad (who is 74 and unstoppable) built a quite lovely retaining wall that will serve many purposes. 1. Keep the dirt bank from sliding into our shed 2. help keep the wet soggy leaves from gathering behind our shed creating a mold issue and 3. will most likely be a climbing device for my kids.. oh, and 4. looks sooo nice. It was a rather labor-intensive process and a bit of a puzzle at the same time. The wall is made up of different sized bricks and each layer needed to be carefully planned so that there were no long vertical seems running up the wall. Our neighbor (who is like a grandfather to our kids and is equally as unstoppable as my dad) came over for a looksie and said, “Well if you have money to burn”. If there is one thing my husband is noted for it is definitely not for burning through money. He is rather a spendthrift and would rather me make a deposit in the bank then buy him a gift for his birthday. So, this bothered him and we both assured the other that we 1. don’t have money to burn and 2. wanted to make sure we did this project the right way instead of putting a band-aid over a problem that will just have to be addressed again and again. So, that’s what we’re doing. This wall will be here for our great-grandchildren, hopefully we will be so lucky.

Are there projects at your business or medical practice that you have been putting bandaids on? Well, it’s time to rip them off and call Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Our corporate and medical advertising services provide solutions, not bandaids. If your corporate or medical website needs a facelift to bring it up-to-date and start working for you, we can combine our custom graphic design, programming, video and animation services to develop a website that will wow your customers, clients or patients. Is it important to you to train your staff or provide information to a select group of people located across the word? If so, DDA’s live webcast services are just what you need. We can stream live video of your presenter, while simultaneously allowing those watching to ask questions and view the presenter’s slides. Incredibly convenient, accessible and intelligent. So, go ahead rip off those bandaids… quickly, then contact us immediately for your long-term solution.