Staying Creative can be a Challenge

Now and then friends or relative will ask me what it is I do for a living. I simply tell them that I am a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Southampton, PA.  More often than not I get a follow-up response like “oh…” Seems pretty obvious to me what I do, but I usually will add that I design websites, print material like brochures and trade show graphics for a wide variety of businesses. “How fun”, is the usual response and well, yea, it is fun… great fun! Rewarding, fulfilling and exciting also come to mind when I think of my job and what I get to do everyday. I’ve had many different types of jobs – waitress, receptionist, supermarket clerk, illustrator, newspaper art director, and teacher – and none have been so fulfilling or allowed me to grow as being the senior graphic designer at DDA.

So, there must be a catch, nobody loves their job and wakes up excited to get to work, right? To be honest, I do love my job, I love the people I work with and the talents they bring to the office everyday, but… (yes, there must be a but) The challenge? Staying creative. While that is the root of my job and what I love it do, it is also a challenge to stay creative and keep each design I work on new, fresh and exciting. I do believe that it is that challenge that keeps me excited about the work I do and the work we all do. For if there was no challenge, no reason to excel, why would we even come to work? And that’s what makes DDA great. We offer every digital advertising service our client’s will ever need. They will never need to go anywhere else and they can rest assure that the projects we design, develop and deliver will be on-time, error-free, cutting-edge and exactly what they need. DDA challenges its staff to stay one step ahead of our client’s needs… why, just check out DDA Firsts to read up on all of the services and design practices that prove it!