My 6-month-old has figured out how to rollover onto his belly flawlessly. Problem is he doesn’t yet know how to roll onto his back from that position. He’s stuck. So, we’ve all been helping him roll back over. We sometimes let him work it out on his own, but eventually he gives up and bonks his nose on the floor. But, no matter how many bonks to the nose he takes during the day, it doesn’t stop him from rolling and rolling and rolling. He’s so determined. 

It’s that sort of determination you find at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Not only have I found that our team of graphic designers, web designers, programmers, animators, writers, video and 3D designers are independently determined, but they will help others out in an instant. We all get stuck during the week and it is comforting to know that there is always someone ready to plow through each project with you, such as determining the best color palette to use on a brochure or how to properly test a newsletter template before sending it off to a client. 

So, if you bonk your nose this week, never fear, there is always someone ready to flip you back over!