Success breeds Success

This morning on my way into work, I was listening to NPR and Dr. Dan Gottlieb began to speak of his recent trip to Taiwan to accept an award. He was so touched with their kindness that he spoke of how he would like to make changes in his own life and way of thinking to accept kindness, thinking kind thoughts, and change his perception of people to a kinder perception. As he is embarking on this change he wants to bring into his life/thinking, he explained how we can all make small changes such as his own and most importantly how to keep them. My husband and I returned from a much needed vacation sans kids a few weeks ago and on the flight there I began reading a book and have vowed to finish it. I’m happy to say I have only a few more pages to go. I decided to turn the TV off at night and read more… at least for a half hour or so and it’s been working! Dr. Gottlieb continued on with his segment asking people who would like to accept changes into their lives by making the changes small and reasonable because success breeds success. When one creates goals that are unobtainable then it is more than likely that new goals will never be reached, while small obtainable goals can make changes that slowly will create more change that will last a lifetime. 

As I look back a few years at all the projects that DDA accepted and completed for clients and for our own use I realized that daily everyone at DDA accepts to come to work and breed success by creating small goals — finish a brochure cover design, continue work on an interactive design for a website or write 5 more paragraphs for an interactive media project — and then completing the goal by day’s end. And each day we complete the prior day’s goal we come closer to a more successful advertising agency one step at a time, slowly, so that the success sticks.