Targeting Your Advertising Service

When my 3-year old can’t think of the word he wants to say, he scrunches up his face, looks at me and says, “Mom, tell me what I want to say”. It’s adorable, and most times I can run through a couple of words and we stumble on the one he was looking for. But sometimes I need to ask a few questions such as, “What color is it?,” Where did you see it?,” What do you do with it?”… and so forth. Usually it works. Strangely I find myself asking these same questions to my husband when he can’t find something and to clients when we are meeting for the first time to discuss a new project. The questions are smartened up a bit, of course, and targeted to a specific print, multimedia, or website project, but in their simplest form they can be distilled down to the same questions I ask my 3-year old. Their purpose is to discover exactly what our client’s needs are … to help them target their audience and convert them into “customers”. It’s our job (and we take great pleasure in this) to locate the exact service that we offer (and we offer them all!) and customize it to their specific needs. One of the great things about DDA is that because we offer every advertising service, we can target the proper one, do all the work in-house, and deliver a great product that works, simply by asking the right questions!