Thank God It’s Tuesday

Like most everyone, I’m not a big fan of Mondays. The song “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats repeated in my head most of the day yesterday … not that I particularly like that song, but it seemed appropriate. The morning was full of playing musical children with one headed to the dentist and then taking the other to a check-up with the pediatrician with a final stop at the drug store to pick up flouride. Then, there were lunches to be made while checking and responding to client emails about website designs in progress and adjusting my task list with hopes of creating time for the design of DDA’s newest division, DDA SEM (Search Engine Marketing). After the kids were in for naps, things began to look up until the heat and humidity started pouring through the house, so the AC went on and then, Pepe the Ice Cream man came, just as promised. Again, my day was getting better. Near the end of the day, three different home page designs for a parking garage website we are working on were sent to the client for review and we’re anxiously awaiting their feedback. The evening proved to be just as busy as the morning and afternoon. I noticed the site designs we sent weren’t placed in expanding HTML pages as we normally do so after the kids’ baths I quickly worked through them and sent more links off to the client. Today is Tuesday and while Thursday is still a few days away I’m quite thankful Monday is over.