The Art of Preparing Web Templates

What? Templates at DDA! NEVER! What I am referring to are the custom HTML website templates that we build for each and every website we design and develop. Templates allow any of our talented, and experienced graphic designers and programmers to add pages of search engine optimized content to a site, while, at the same time, keeping the site design consistent from page to page.

That’s my task today. Well, at least one of them, since I will be enjoying a few days off and need to tie up some loose ends. While it’s nearly impossible to forsee all possible layouts for a page, it’s of the utmost importance to prepare proper style sheets (CSS) which include headers, paragraphs, menus, submenus, and other miscellaneous styles. AND, also considering the look for each of the link, hover, active and visited states for the aforementioned styles is important as well. While the templates are made, the seo copywriters are busy working on the optimized content, which involves writing content and then getting it approved by the client.

Below is a list of other considerations that we need to address before identifying the template(s) as “complete”.
• Does the template look and function the same on all browsers and platforms?
• Has a home page and inside page template been completed?
• Has a spell check been run?
• Have additions to the site been considered, such as new pages, new product, etc.?