The differences are obvious

Yesterday, I packed up my kids and we spent the day with my sister and her three kids at their house. We had a wonderfully great time. The kids played so hard we didn’t even know they were around. My sister and I got to catch up over tea and I even got to play a game of Pretty, Pretty Princess with my 6-year-old niece, sister and my oldest son (I’m not telling my husband about that). At home, I spend my days with boys: my husband and two sons. Testosterone levels are high. Gun battles (which I tried desperately to curb but gave up and now join in), climbing, jumping, screaming and all things boy are all around me and I love it. But it was a nice break to be around my nieces this weekend. I wore a crown and beads most of the day, saw more pink and purple toys than I’ve seen in a long time and witnessed calm, organized play.

I love the differences between girls and boys as much as I love the differences of all the projects, big and small, that I work on daily at DDA. Let’s take this morning for instance. I’ve prepared photos for a parking garage website we are hoping to complete in the next few days, adjusted a design for a live webcast interface that once complete will be handed over to our video department as they prepare to add the live streaming video, spoke to a client about a digital photography session of some novelty products we need for their new website, emailed one of our many project coordinators about the progress of a medical website design and I’m preparing to work on an html email for DDA Medical’s Library feature. Never a dull moment at work or home!