The Mad Men and Women of DDA

Thanks to Netflix and kids who have been going to bed on time, I have been able to plop myself on the couch nightly to watch Season 1 and 2 episodes of Mad Men, an AMC drama following the lives of the competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising. The Saul Bass influenced opening sequence designed by Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller of design firm, Imaginary Forces hooked me in immediately. The juxtaposition of the 2D falling guy in front of opaquely colored classic advertisements is just pure eye candy.

This  morning, I got to thinking how completely different the advertising world is now as compared to the 1960s office of Sterling Cooper. I imagine the leading male, Don Draper, walking into DDA’s headquarters in Philadelphia, PA…. After I pick my jaw off the floor I would probably have to offer him a drink and hurry him through the office before his chain-smoking behavior gets the best of him. What would he say about our programming department or our state-of-the-art photography and video studio? Perhaps he would feel more comfortable upstairs in our larger conference room across from our staff of writers. There we can discuss (with our feet up on the table, of course) the changes in advertising since the 60s, such as webcasting, interactive media services, interactive games, synchronous media and intelligent websites. As our meeting comes to an end and Mr. Draper insists we celebrate with dinner and drinks, I would have to kindly decline – oh, that will be hard to do – but alas, my task list is packed with client needs ranging from logo designs, html email templates and product brochures – all which need attention before I unplug myself and rush home to get dinner on the table!