The Need for Acknowledgement

This morning on my way to work I thought I saw something green and large fall from the sky. I thought, it must be some construction workers responsible for this green thing and as I slowed down a bit and turned my head, I noticed there was no one around and the green thing that fell was actually a large branch from a tree filled with bright green maple leaves. It’s not everyday a large branch just breaks away from a tree and plummets to the ground. It wasn’t windy, or raining, or stormy… just a normal foggy morning. I felt sad for the tree as I looked around to see if anyone else saw what I saw. I wanted some sort of acknowledgement that what I did just see was seen by someone else… you know, “If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?”

Well, I never did find out if anyone else saw the large branch fall and because of my need for acknowledgement I am a little disappointed. I receive acknowledgement and feedback all day from coworkers and loved ones, whether unsolicited or not. I welcome it. Sometimes it’s not the feedback or acknowledgement I want to hear, but it’s all part of my job as graphic designer, mom, wife and daughter; an essential part of the job. Website concepts need to be critiqued. Preliminary designs for a logo need to narrowed down. Displeasing colors need to be adjusted and fonts tweaked. It’s never a dull moment at this advertising agency and… well, gotta run, design feedback has just landed in my inbox that needs my attention!