The posters are coming! The posters are coming!

I’m so close to finishing the DDA in-house posters that I can  just taste it. We are finalizing the list of services for each poster and I shocked myself when I sent them all to our Lead Writer, Laura, for finalizing. There were easily over 100 combined services listed from each area of our company, DDA Corp, DDA Medical, DDA Video, and soon to launch DDA CMT (Corporate and Medical Training). Good luck Laura on finalizing all of them!  

Meanwhile, I’m sure you are all curious how I “solved” the Graphic Design poster puzzle. I remembered a quote from Paul Rand, “Everything is Graphic Design. Everything!”. Well, if everything is graphic design, then why not just say that. In fact, why not fill the poster with quotes from some of the great gurus of graphic design that I have studied and who continue to work and write about design. So, I did.

And, I’m really quite happy with how the set of posters came together as a whole and how they will look individually placed around the office. Now that we are in a facility 3x the size of our original place where I began working at DDA, they will fit nicely and hopefully help our clients understand all of what DDA has to offer. As we finalize the print posters, they will be certainly added to the DDA corp website so that all clients can see them and yes, interact with them.