The Snow is No More… Time to Design

About 4 inches of snow fell Monday morning at my home office’s location, while I believe much more snow blanketed Southampton, DDA’s homebase.  Nonetheless I was happy that my commute to work yesterday consisted of one hallway and a flight of stairs. I did manage to get the entire driveway shoveled to stall the feelings of cabin fever. Now that much of the snow has been plowed and shoveled away, DDA is back to 100% man (and woman) power.

Our Flash Animation department is busy working on DDA Medical’s new look and functionality. The number of healthcare-related projects are peppering my task list more than ever. Medical website designs and medical logo designs are my focus today. Everyday I am learning of new medical procedures and healthcare advances. Later today I will be diving into a website dedicated to the spine and back care. The client wishes the site to provide his patients and perspective patients with a spa-like website, full of testimonials of his services and care and natural earthy colors. Looking forward to this website design task, what girl doesn’t like a trip to the spa? With 2 kids under 4 this might be the closest I come to a spa treatment!