The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Years ago, when I taught Graphic Design courses to a small group of students pursuing their Associates degree in Graphic Design I always reminded them of this interesting Gestalt theory. In fact what the theory actually says about this relationship is that the whole is different from the sum of its parts not actually physically greater (in size). With this in mind, I find that as I work on a design and begin to pull the individual pieces together — logo, photos, colors, fonts — I find (or hope) that the finished piece, if executed properly, becomes seen as one whole piece that works together harmoniously and intuitively.

Each project that comes into the DDA office, whether it be an interactive game, interactive website, or medical or corporate brochure, is treated with the same level of importance. The appropriate key players are involved from the start — programmers, animation and video specialists, graphic designers and copywriters. Our goal? To take the parts you as the client give us and make something that is greater, more than the sum of the its parts.