This I Can Do!

This morning on my way to a Dr.’s appt. for my oldest son, I decided to stop off at Rite Aid to purchase yet another hopeful cure for my painful plantar’s wart that is having a grand ol’ time on the bottom of my right foot. It has been there going on 3 years now and is a pain in the…. umm… foot. It’s been burned out, frozen, duct taped, and cut off… No luck. Sucker has grown roots and is more stubborn than my husband.

While at Rite Aid, I busted a jar of nail polish all over the floor and cut my foot on the glass – and yes, my painful plantar’s wart foot. Meanwhile, the kids were rearranging all the Father’s Day cards and it was only 8:10am. So, now with chocolate and tea nearby and the kids at the sitter I am settling down for an afternoon of graphic design. This I can do! Today, I am switching between print design (hang tag for an umbrella) and a design for an online video sharing website. The later will involve all of DDA’s key players and teamwork which is what we do best. The project coordinator working on this one will need to keep our video production, animation, graphic design and writing depts in sync as we prepare the videos and develop a design that will allow users of this site to sync video with video and video with text. While the specifics of this new and exciting project are still underway, I’m already excited to see the final product!